Garcia, Cardinals victim of tough loss to M’s

Rookies have always been given a hard time in baseball, particularly by their own teammates. After being called up to the show for the first time, rookies are subject to jokes, pranks and teasing. Many of them have promising careers in ahead of them, and if they make good on expectations, a pie-in-the-face as well. [...]

Suppan’s return a success, Cards win 4-1

Way back in 1910, Franklin Pierce Adams wrote a poem entitled “Baseball’s Sad Lexicon”. It described the somber moment in which opposing players fell victim to the Chicago Cubs’ double play team. It became an immediate hit, and has since gone down in baseball lore. Today, the poem is better known as ‘Tinker to Evers [...]

Cardinals sail past Mariners for 9-3 triumph

The St. Louis and Seattle clubs have a lot in common. They both start with the letter ‘S’. They both have a star player who debuted in 2001, and they both have a player named Lopez, though with no relation. But after that, the similarities become less evident. Aside from a few other minor resemblances, [...]

Cards’ fall short twice to D-backs in weekender

When Mark Reynolds doubled home a run in the 1st inning on Saturday, the St. Louis Cardinals’ became down by a run. In result, the team’s weekend started off somewhat poorly. Of course, when Chris Young hit a two-run shot over Cardinal left fielder Matt Holliday’s head in the bottom of the 9th on Sunday, [...]

Cardinals pull strings to beat Arizona, 5-2

Yogi Berra said, “baseball is 90% mental. The other half is physical”. But perhaps, the Cardinals’ game on Friday was something more along the mathematical lines of 90% luck, and the other half physical. Either way, it’s easy to see that St. Louis didn’t play well mentally or physically. What they did have going for [...]

Cardinals bested by Dodgers in LA finale, 3-4

It’s been a tough week for St. Louis Cardinal pitchers. On Monday, the staff was knocked around heavily, and in result, lost badly. On Tuesday, starter Chris Carpenter turned in a brilliant performance, but he and the Cardinals lost anyway due to a lack of run support. This time, however, there was a new problem. [...]

St. Louis hitters draw blank vs. Los Angeles

Albert Pujols is ‘The Machine’. When he is up and running properly, so are the St. Louis Cardinals. But when he is not, things tend to malfunction. Tuesday was one of those days. The Cardinals did well in the pitching and fielding categories, but Albert Pujols, amongst many other Cardinals, flunked at the plate. He, [...]

Cardinals’ piggybackers fall to Dodgers, 12-4

Many minor league baseball teams, including some in the St. Louis Cardinals’ organization, have experimented with a system known as a “piggyback rotation”. In this rotation, there can be as many as 10 starting pitchers on a single roster, and on any given day, two of them will pitch up to 4 innings each. However, [...]

Another weekend split for Cards, extras included

With the upcoming 2010 Player Draft nearly here, the St. Louis will need to a decision on who will be the team’s first selection. Until, St. Louis will continue to see the fruit of those previously plucked, yet didn’t receive a decision. Over the weekend, St. Louis started two rookie pitchers, Adam Ottavino and Jaime [...]

Cards shuts out Brewers, courtesy of Wainwright

In a pitching rotation that includes three rookies and a 13-year veteran, Adam Wainwright stands out. At 28, he’s the only pitcher on the staff in his ‘prime’, not the mention he’s the tallest on team too, standing 6’7″. But it’s his performance on the field where he truly stands out. Wainwright, who may be [...]